Gas Treatment Packages

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Gas Treatment Packages

PGOI supply a wide range of modular gas processing and treating systems from a single unit to a complete gas processing facility. As the sole representative of SkidSol corporation, we have capability to supply modern state of the art design and modularization technologies for NGL and LPG recovery unit with achieving more than 99% Propane recovery. Also leading edge technologies offered for natural gas dehydration, Amin sweetening, NGL fractionation and SRU. SkidSol’s process expertise and capability to supply a full range of design, engineering and fabrication help us to meet our clients' requirement with minimum capital cost, shortest delivery, increasing product recovery and maximum clients return on investment.

The below list are the gas treating, processing and compression units supplied by PGOI. Technical information presented at

Gas Treating

   - Gas Sweetening /Amin treating

   - Mercaptan and Mercury Removal

   - Molecular Sieve

   - Membrane


LPG/NGL Recovery

Dew point control


Condensate Stabilizer

MEG Regeneration

Gas Compression

SRU (Sulphur recovery unit)